• For 2 men and 1 truck:  $95.00 per hour – Delivery, Studio, 1 BR without elevator
  • For 3 men and 1 truck:  $115.00 per hour – 1 BR w/ elevator & 2 BR
  • For 4 men and 1 truck:  $125.00 per hour – 3 BR & 4 BR

There is a two hour minimum.  After the two hour minimum, we charge in thirty minute increments.  Our rates include an option outlined above along with furniture blankets, stretch wrap, tape (to secure furniture blankets and stretch wrap), and dollies.  We include disassembly and reassembly of furniture items as a courtesy.  Please note, Bring It! will not accept responsibility for missing hardware on pieces that were not disassembled by the crew.  Bring It! will assemble furniture that was previously disassembled, however, in the event that hardware is missing and damage results, Bring It! will assume no responsibility.  Furniture that is disassembled by Bring It! that is originally missing hardware will not be assembled at the destination unless the customer provides the additional hardware.  Please note that assembling furniture without the proper hardware is dangerous and costly.  Please keep all hardware organized by piece in order to ensure a smooth move.

Labor Only

  • For 2 men and no truck:  $85.00 per hour – Unload/Load of Studio, 1 BR, or small 2 BR
  • For 3 men and no truck:  $105.00 per hour – Unload/Load of 2 BR or small 3 BR
  • For 4 men and no truck:  $115.00 per hour – Unload/Load of 3 BR & 4 BR

There is a two hour minimum.  After the two hour minimum, we charge in thirty minute increments.  For load-only moves, furniture blankets are not provided.  Please be prepared to supply moving blankets and a strap to secure the load on moving day to ensure that your items are protected during transit.  Please note, Bring It! will only accept liability for damages which occur between the origin and the truck.  We will assume no responsibility for damages resulting after the load has been completed when another individual or company drives and unloads the goods. Unfortunately, we do not offer loading services for ABF Trailers.

Trip Fee & Fuel and Mileage Charge

Trip fees and fuel and mileage charges apply when providing services to certain locations.  Please contact us at or at 1-855-95-BRING to verify the fees applicable to your move.

Appliance Connections

If you would like for the crew to disconnect and reconnect your appliances, there will be a fee of $15.00 per appliance or $7.50 per connection.  Please note that we do not offer connection or disconnection for gas appliances and you will need to hire an alternate company to handle such connections prior to the crew’s arrival.

Upright Piano/Item Over 200 lbs

For upright pianos, an additional $50.00 charge will apply plus $15.00 per flight of stairs, if applicable.  For other household items weighing in excess of 200 lbs (ie. hide-a-bed, armoire, exercise equipment, marble top pieces, safes, file cabinets, etc.), a fee of $15.00 per flight of stairs will apply.  Unfortunately, we do not move baby grand pianos, grand pianos, and pool tables.  Please note that file cabinets need to be empty prior to the crew’s arrival.