Important Policies

Each homeowner should realize that moving is always a risk-sharing proposition.  Whether you move the items yourself, or hire a professional mover, the possibility of scratching, denting, or chipping a piece of furniture is always present.  The most that we can do is recognize those items most prone to damage and take extra precautions in handling them.  Even then, damage could still occur.

Household Goods

Please note that all miscellaneous items must be boxed in order for them to be loaded onto the truck including but not limited to lamps, small glass tops for tables, small kitchen appliances, and art pieces.  We reserve the right to decline to transport items that are improperly packed.

We offer basic limited liability protection as required by federal law in order to protect your items during the move.  Basic limited liability protection is not insurance, but rather valuation coverage.  In the event that one of your items is damaged during the move, you will receive up to $0.60 per pound per damaged article.  If you believe that this coverage is not adequate, we recommend that you purchase full coverage insurance from a third party.  At this time, we do not refer customers to insurance agencies.

There are certain exceptions to the limited liability valuation coverage as follows:

  • Personal Items – Please prepare to transport jewelry, money, important papers, medicines, purses, wallets, or any other personal valuables as Bring It! is not responsible for the loss or damage of such items.
  • Electronic Components – Bring It! is not responsible for the electronic or mechanical functioning of any electronic components including but not limited to stereo systems, computers, televisions, copiers, printers, grandfather clocks, tablets, etc.  Due to the fact that Bring It! has no way of knowing if the items were functional prior to the move, we cannot accept responsibility for how they operate following the move.
  • Lamps – Small lamps, or tall lamps that are not boxed are not covered.  It is best to transport lamps within your personal vehicle for the safety of the lamp as well as the rest of the cargo.
  • Art/Mirrors/Glass/Marble – These items must be boxed and properly packed with packing paper in order to be covered. Large pieces that are not boxed will be loaded at the supervisor’s discretion and you will be asked to sign a waiver releasing us from liability in the event of damage. Large pieces should be securely wrapped in cardboard.
  • Flat Screen Televisions – These must be boxed in order to be covered-does not include electronic functionality.  Televisions under 32″ without a box must be moved within customer’s vehicle.  It is best to transport televisions that are not boxed within a personal vehicle for the safety of the piece.  The crew can wrap the television in a blanket and load it onto the truck per the customer’s request, however, the customer will be asked to sign a waiver.
  • Pressed Wood/Particle Board Furniture – These items are not covered due to the original instability of the furniture under any circumstances.
  • PBO-Packed by Owner – The contents of any boxes or containers that were packed by the customer are not covered in the event of damage.
  • Major Appliances – Dents and scratches on major appliances are not covered.  Front load washers that are moved without the bolts to secure the drum are not covered.
  • Mattresses/Box Springs – These items must be moved in mattress bags in order to ensure clean transport.  We are not responsible for smudges, or stains that result from the items being moved without the protective bags.  We do not provide mattress bags on the day of the move.  It is the customer’s responsibility to purchase these prior to moving day.  Corner protectors that are partially, or totally removed during the process of a move do not constitute damage.

Please note that in certain situations Bring It! will move these items per customer request and we will make every effort to ensure a safe trip.  However, in the event that damage results, no coverage will be available, not even the limited liability protection at up to $0.60 per pound per article.  These items are moved at your own risk!  Please prepare your items in boxes in order to be sure to have a safe and damage-free move!

Household Surfaces 

Bring It! Movers will try at all costs to avoid causing damage to household surfaces including but not limited to walls, floors, exterior surfaces, and hand rails.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that household surfaces are properly covered and protected during the move.  In the event that damage results, Bring It! assumes no liability for the resulting damage.  If the damage results due to negligence of the crew, Bring It! will assess damage and determine fault.  In the event of damage due to negligence, Bring It! has the option of offering compensation.  In the event that the crew’s negligence caused the damage, property claims will be covered up to $300.00 per move.  

Restricted Items

Bring It! will NOT transport hazardous materials including but not limited to propane tanks, lawnmowers with fuel in the tank, fire extinguishers, kerosene, nail polish, nail polish remover, motor oil, paints, paint thinner, firearms, ammunition, poisons, fuels, ammonia and other items of the like.  Please prepare to move such items in your own vehicle.  We will transport gas grills provided that the propane tank is removed.  If the customer ships such goods without our knowledge, the customer will be held responsible for resulting damages, fines, and delays.


  • For your own safety, it is imperative that you give the movers space to adequately move items.  Please avoid closely following the movers while they are handling furniture.  The safety of the crew is of high importance.  We reserve the right to halt a move to correct such behavior-the clock will remain running throughout this time.
  • Often times, we are asked to complete tasks that are near impossible.  We will attempt to complete each task that you request, however, in the event that safety becomes a concern, we reserve the right to refuse to complete dangerous requests.  Any damages that result from such a request will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • We reserve the right to limit our work day to ten hours.